To ensure the success of the Best Buy Teen Tech Center® program, the ideal candidate is a non-profit organization with an existing afterschool programs serving teens, respected track record for achieving results through community‐based initiatives, financial sustainability, and an ability to embrace new technologies as well as sustain the Teen Tech Center over time (minimum three years).

Primary Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the community‐based organization (CBO) include:

    • Demonstrating a commitment to the Best Buy Teen Tech Center learning model and philosophy.
    • Working with schools and other community‐based organizations to build awareness of the program to drive teen participation.
    • Participation in the collaborative community of practice in Los Angeles County.
    • Hiring, supporting, and retaining a full‐time Teen Tech Center Coordinator.
    • Providing an inviting, attractive and safe physical space for the Teen Tech Center location.
    • Ensuring access to youth from under‐served communities.
    • Enabling participation of Best Buy employees to serve as volunteers at the Teen Tech Center.
    • Having a commitment to participation in The Clubhouse Network (mandatory professional development for staff, sharing best practices, collaborating with other sites, participating in evaluation process, etc.).
    • Developing financial and community support to help sustain the Teen Tech Center beyond the grant funding period.
    • Submitting semi‐annual reports on program aspects including youth recruitment, college/career activities, challenges and successes, as well as engaging their youth participants in an annual youth impact survey.
    • Adhering to Best Buy Teen Tech Center and The Clubhouse Network brand standards and marketing expectations, including websites, social media platforms, collateral, signage and other materials.
    • Adhering to all licensing requirements of The Clubhouse Network and Best Buy.

Type of Support

The Best Buy Foundation will provide a combination of cash and in‐kind support for the first year, which will comprise:

    • A technology grant to be used to acquire the hardware, software, and necessary accessories for the center to be fully operational including high‐quality, professional software tools for creating graphics, 3D animation, images, video and music.
    • A furniture grant to be used to acquire furnishings that reflects the “look and feel” of a teen‐centric space and Best Buy Teen Tech Center design guidelines.
    • Support from Best Buy and The Clubhouse Network staff for facility design and layout, equipment set‐up, software installation, and technical assistance.
    • A $65,000 grant to be used for staffing, staff development, and program related expenses. Up to 10% of grant funding can be used for general overhead expenditures.
    • Cutting‐edge curriculum and programs developed by the Best Buy Foundation grant partners.
    • Ongoing support from The Clubhouse Network staff to conduct program evaluation, site visits, programmatic guidance, technology support, and general assistance.
    • Access to The Clubhouse Village, a social network that enables staff and youth everywhere to meet, interact online, collaborate on design activities, and share projects.
    • Participation in one week of orientation and professional development for new Teen Tech Center staff at the ’Flagship‘ Clubhouse in Boston (or virtually, if required), as well as written training materials and on‐line documentation to assist in start‐up and ongoing operations.
    • Best Buy and Geek Squad employee volunteers for community activities, technology assistance and educational workshops.

Considerations & Restrictions

1. This opportunity is available to community-based non-profit organizations that have existing after school programs for teens and a commitment to youth in under‐served communities. The Best Buy Foundation does not provide funding for private foundations described under IRS Code Section 509(a), organizations that promote or practice discrimination, political organizations, religious or fraternal organizations (unless for a program that is secular). We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to reject any and all proposals, or to modify or cancel the proposed scope, for any reason.

2. The initial staffing grant will be provided to support the operation of the program for one year from date of implementation. Successful grant recipients will be eligible for additional years of funding based on demonstrated success. To date, successful Best Buy Teen Tech Centers have received $60,000 in staffing grants annually thereafter, in addition to annual $10,000 Technology Refresh and Retool grants. Additional programming funds and staff supports also available after the first year.

3. The estimated costs of maintaining a Best Buy Teen Tech Center are based on a number of assumptions about the Teen Tech Center, the host organization, community location, and geographic setting. Operating expenses reflect the annual costs that the Teen Tech Center incurs in the course of doing business. These costs include personnel expenses, computer support, and program materials and supplies. The annual operating costs are estimated to be at least $100,000, depending on local costs and pay scale.

4. The minimum space requirement of a Best Buy Teen Tech Center is 1,300 square‐feet (including a music studio and an inner‐office for staff). The Teen Tech Center must be located in a dedicated, separate area that can secure and safely house high‐end equipment. Each Teen Tech Center will be Best Buy branded. The execution of any construction needed to meet the design requirements of the Teen Tech Center is the responsibility of the host organization, and timely implementation (i.e., nine months or less) of any facility renovations is expected.

5. With support from Best Buy and The Clubhouse Network, the Teen Tech Center will be furnished and decorated to provide a warm, inviting physical space that encourages creativity, self‐expression, and collaboration.

Features include:

  • Computers in clusters and “pods” (not classroom style or lined up against the wall)
  • A table in a central location within the Teen Tech Center as a gathering place for youth to discuss, design, and work together
  • Ergonomic chairs (on wheels, to encourage collaboration)
  • Carpeting and color specs to create a warm, inviting environment
  • Studio lighting
  • Bookshelves & reading area
  • Exhibit space for youth work (display boards, shelves)

6. The Best Buy Teen Tech Center Coordinator will be assigned to this program 100 percent (40 hours per week) of their time and must have a proven track record in youth services.

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Help teen members develop projects,
  • Recruit, train and support volunteer mentors, with a specific emphasis on Best Buy employees,
  • Provide community outreach in support of the Teen Tech Center program,
  • Provide basic computer maintenance,
  • Assist host organization in fundraising and publicity for the Teen Tech Center
  • Support youth in pursuing academic and job opportunities, and
  • Support other programs and activities of the host organization as time permits.

7. The Teen Tech Center will be open a minimum of 20 hours per week (after school and/or on weekends) throughout the year. Teen Tech Center leadership will be responsible for determining back‐up part‐time support for full‐time Teen Tech Center staff.

8. All teen participants under age 18 must have signed parent/guardian consent forms.

9. Best Buy, the Best Buy Foundation, and The Clubhouse Network will have the right to use any content or creative work, art or technology developed by participants engaging in activities at a Best Buy Teen Tech Center.

10. Annual execution of license agreements with Best Buy and The Clubhouse Network is required.


Total Grant (over 3 years) $325,000
Year 1 Funding


  • $60,000 construction grant
  • $65,000 staffing grant
  • $40,000 technology refresh and retool grant
  • $30,000 furniture grant
Year 2 Funding


  • $60,000 staffing grant x 2
Non-financial supports over the course of the grant
  • Training and staffing
  • Technology and furniture refresh grants

TOTAL GRANT (over 3 years) – $340,000

Year 1 Funding – $70,000

  • $50,000 construction grant
  • $60,000 staffing grant
  • $10,000 technology refresh and retool grant

Year 2 Funding – $135,000

  • $60,000 staffing grant x 2
  • $5,000 internship placement funding
  • $10,000 technology refresh and retool grant

Year 3 Funding – $135,000

  • $60,000 staffing grant x 2
  • $5,000 internship placement funding
  • $10,000 technology refresh and retool grant

Non-financial supports over the course of the grant

  • training
  • staffing

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