Our mission is to provide a fun, interactive learning space where teens explore technology to discover new interests, collaborate with one another, and prepare for the future.

Inside Best Buy Teen Tech Centers teens leverage technology to develop projects based on their own interests such as: creating art, producing music and animations; designing their own science simulations and mobile applications; writing and illustrating interactive poetry, stories and films; building kinetic sculptures and robotic constructions; and designing their own 3D worlds and games. In the process, youth become excited about learning and fluent with new technologies, developing skills and experiences to help them succeed in their careers, contribute to their communities and lead outstanding lives.

Best Buy Teen Tech Centers have a consistent look and feel that are fun, safe and inviting (including teen‐centric furniture and an innovative space design) and aim to be inclusive for teens. Local Best Buy employees will also participate in the program as volunteers, provide ongoing mentorship, and conduct workshops.


Current educational research shows that adolescents learn most effectively when they are engaged in designing and creating projects rather than memorizing facts or learning isolated skills out of context. Leveraging The Clubhouse Network’s proven learning model, Best Buy Teen Tech Centers foster a learner‐centered, informal educational approach that encourages participants to discover their interests and apply their own ideas. Through a combination of self‐guided learning and structured training, teens have access to resources, materials and tools to experiment, explore and create based on their own interests, and learn skills that will help them succeed in a wide array of professions in the modern workplace.

The Best Buy Teen Tech Center learning model is based on The Clubhouse Network program and is guided by four principles:

    Learn by Design

    Provide a combination of self-directed learning and structured workshops guided by staff and youth peer leaders, focused on hands-on, experiential activities.

    Follow Your Interests

    Provide opportunities for choice where teens care about what they are working on and are willing to work longer and harder while learning more in the process.

    Build Community

    Create a community with a culture of peer learning and equal opportunity, where young people work together with support and inspiration from peer leaders, mentors, and staff.

    Respect & Trust

    Create a stable environment in which participants feel safe to experiment, explore and innovate and are given time and space to play out their own ideas.

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