Equitable Innovation Grant Winners

Teachers of the Year 2020
The Greater LA Education Foundation and the Los Angeles County Office of Education have selected the first annual grantees for the Teachers of the Year Equitable Innovation Grant program. The Equitable Innovation Grant program will invest in teacher-led solutions to support the students that have been affected most by the pandemic.

GLA will sponsor 30 projects in total from 20 school districts. These projects will reach more than 12,000 students, ranging from intimate interventions for 12 special needs students to centralized training for district departments that will ultimately reach more than 3,000 students. Ten of the projects were developed by teams of two to three educators; 20 were from individuals.

Congratulations to this year’s grantees!

Aditi Doshi & Ariella Kirschbaum, High Tech LA

Training 40 students through the California Council for Equality and Justice (CCEJ). High Tech LA’s Anti-Racism and Girls group leaders will receive social justice leadership to provide peer-to-peer training. 

Alicia Tito, Math, Science and Technology Magnet Academy

Self-care boxes for students chronicling their experiences through the pandemic.

Anie Cherchiian, Bell Gardens High School

Creating a digital choral performance called “Inspire”.

Ann Kim, Wilson Elementary School

Providing targeted literacy and new digital texts for 2nd grade students.

Christy Neria, South Hills High School

Providing graphic novelizations of classic stories for deaf students.

Cindy Villegas, Manzanita Elementary School

Providing Boom Cards to support student-teacher feedback loop.

Deanna Tayag, KIPP Comienza Community Prep

Launching a journalism club for middle school students to support civic engagement and personal advocacy.

Deserie Bradvica, Ramona Elementary School

Providing materials for remote learning called “At-Home Scientists”.

Dori Greif, Stevenson Ranch Elementary and Wiley Canyon Elementary

Providing digital phonics program for special education students, some of whom are English Learners.

Doug Lee, Lorbeer Middle School

Purchasing additional video production tools to improve zoom lessons and build content for a library of instructional youtube content.

Elizabeth Suarez, Cristina Rodriguez, and Cecilia Martinez, Magnolia Science Academy

Purchasing Air-Pen Scanners to help transfer physical text to digital and ease translation for English Learners.

Erica Palmieri and Heather Laker, Ranchito Elementary School

Providing take-home kits for early learners with art supplies and other manipulatives for use during Zoom lessons.

Frania Rodriguez, Don Benito Fundamental

Take home “learning goals” kits to meet the individual needs of students receiving special education supports .

Jacqueline Asbury and Clarissa Torres, Escalona Elementary School

Access to a digital curriculum to support students on the Autism Spectrum.

Jeffrey L. Charroux, Pacific Boulevard School

Digitally recording percussion instruments played by special education students and compiled for a school performance.

Julie McGough, Anna Kwak, and Stephen Bisuano, Azusa Unified School District

Providing training on platforms including whiteboard.fi, Desmos, and Peardeck to support math instruction and address learning loss.

Juliette Roberts, Gladstone High School

Purchasing writing tablets for students to support math instruction.

Karina Hartl, Sylvia Villasenor, and Alexandria Patton, Carmela Elementary School

Launching a reward program allowing students to purchase culturally relevant books with credits they earn through good behavior.

Laura Camarena, Slauson Middle School

Providing mirror-cameras for 7th-grade students allowing them to project their work more easily for teacher feedback.

Maria Mauna, Greg Perez, and Candace Orozco, Santana High School

Team developing an interactive, remote cooking class for students to support wellness and community connection.

Marilyn Cortez, Schurr High School

Building student-designed hand sanitizing stations to support a safe reopening.

Maya Caldwell and Mahvel Zuvala, Sunset Elementary School

Providing hands-on learning tools for students at home to support math instruction.

Melissa Minahan, Lewis Elementary School

Purchasing digital and physical copies of culturally relevant texts to support literacy and facilitate engagement with social justice issues.

Natalie Kacou, Lewis Elementary School

Sending copies of books and literacy tools to student homes to support remote literacy coaching.

Nicole Chun, Michelle Van Ornum, and Alexa Lepp, Acton Agua Dulce Unified School District

Developing a Maker Lab, with a 3D printer and additional technology to support students through design challenges focused on community engagement.

Nora Eskew and Stephanie Salcido, La Primaria Elementary School

Athletic supplies (yoga mats, juggling bean bags) for at-home physical education.

Philip Heng, Derek Ong, and Joshua Zeeman, Monrovia High School

Purchasing the KAMI curriculum, and supporting professional development across the district for implementation.

Rosemarie Evans, Eliot Arts Magnet Academy

Developing therapeutic space for students with special needs to support their transition back from distance learning.

Veronica Roldan and Mercy Plascencia, Park School

Providing take-home maker kits for 3rd graders.

Wendy Giang, Norma Coombs Elementary School

To purchase individualized materials to create an environment where students can explore safely and at their developmental level.


This opportunity is possible because of the Flora L. Thornton Family Foundation and the generous support from these partners.



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