Our Focus




By building on successful existing collaborations and partnerships, the Greater LA Education Foundation aims to focus on the following five investment areas over the next several years.

Learning for College, Career & Life

Increase the number of students who graduate ready for success in college, careers and life by providing professional learning and improving teaching and learning.

Educator Pipeline & Support

District and school leaders staff more positions with effective educators who are prepared to teach in LA County classrooms.

Social and Emotional Learning & Trauma

More educators incorporate SEL, trauma and resiliency-informed practices and other approaches to educating the whole child.

Including Families & Communities

More schools and districts coordinate with organizations and county agencies to provide services to students, families and communities.

Innovation for Equity

Foundation directs more funds to implement or expand innovative programs with a track record of success.



Advancing collective solutions across education, community and government. Led by LACOE, a community school is both a place and a partnership between the school and other community resources, including government agencies. Its integrated focus on academics, services, supports and opportunities leads to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities. The purpose of the LACOE’s Community Schools effort is to build equity for students by highlighting areas of need and leveraging community resources so that students are healthy, prepared for college and career, and civic ready. 


Strengthening the educator pipeline and educator retention. Schools need stronger and more diverse educator pipelines, particularly for high subject need areas such as STEM, Special Education and English Language Learners.  District and school leaders staff more positions with effective educators and support them to improve in these roles throughout their careers. Photo credit: Vanessa Rancaño/KQED


LA County is home to 80 K-12 school districts and numerous providers. The LA Education Hub is a developing resource to provide educators and the community with a one stop shop to understand regional education outcomes and trends.

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