Diverse Educator Workforce



Educators of Color





Increasing the share of high-quality educators of color can help close racial and ethnic achievement gaps. But currently, LA County educators do not reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of their students. LA County must recruit, retain, and develop more educators of color, especially Black and Latinx educators, and empower them to do their best work for students.

Research shows that educators of color bring unique strengths and skills in the classroom and in leadership roles, which yield academic and holistic benefits for students. But among the approximately 1.5 million students, 74,000 teachers, and 6,800 school administrators in Los Angeles County, there are significantly more students of color (85%) than teachers (57%) and administrators (61%) of color. Representation alone is not enough. Educators of color must be supported to thrive. 


In partnership with LACOE, we are embarking on a multi-year effort to work with LA County districts committed to attracting, developing and retaining highly talented and diverse staff and building capacity in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The strategy invests in individual districts that are ready to implement evidence-based pilot interventions and committed to addressing legacies of systemic racism. Pilots will ultimately inform technical assistance strategies and assets that can help other like districts adopt similar programs. 

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