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The Greater LA Education Foundation develops strategic initiatives, identifies public/private partnerships, and creates greater connections with community stakeholders to support innovation at LACOE, share knowledge, and advocate for impact. We are committed to working with LACOE staff and school districts to identify and leverage resources for programs to improve outcomes for youth across the county.

GLA is proud to provide direct support for the following LACOE programs:


The LACOE Legacy Program is a collection of various scholarship funds and special initiatives. Legacy programs are tailored to meet diverse needs and provide direct support to students and educators across the 80 school districts in LA County.

Current Scholarship Funds:

  • Academic Decathlon Student Scholarships
  • African American Scholarships
  • Asian Pacific Heritage Scholarships
  • Hispanic Heritage Scholarships
  • iPoly Student Scholarships
  • LA County Bilingual Directors Association Scholarship
  • Chuck Acosta Scholarship
  • Shelly Spiegel-Coleman Scholarship
  • Daniel Herrera Memorial Scholarship
  • Leo Valdez Memorial Scholarship
  • Migrant Education Student Scholarships
  • RTSA Scholarship
  • SARB Scholarship
  • Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program Scholarship

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship fund, please contact us at


The LACOE Signature Fund provides LACOE staff with the necessary financial resources to design, plan, and implement academic and well-being events and critical engagement opportunities for LA County’s educators and students throughout the year. The Fund is an evolution of our sponsorship efforts to support the annual flagship events that LACOE manages and will provide additional resources to strengthen its reach with new and exciting events while maximizing the impact of your philanthropic support.

This year, we were pleased to support:

  • LACOE’s Wellbeing Fest
  • Teachers of the Year
  • Superintendents’ Collaborative

We look forward to supporting the following events later this spring:

  • Academic Decathlon
  • Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Conference


How does GLA raise public support?

Greater LA counts on the support of philanthropic partners to fund our work. Part of our plan includes expanding the ways we support our key investment areas.

Are you a nonprofit or a foundation?

Greater LA is a nonprofit organization granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status by the IRS; it is a public benefit corporation.

When was the foundation established?

GLA was officially established in 2019. Originally created as the Friends of LACOE in 2015, the board of directors along with several philanthropic partners made a decision to restructure the organization and form the Greater LA Education Foundation.

How is Greater LA different from Friends of LACOE?

Greater LA expands on the work of FOL by developing strategic initiatives, identifying public/private partnerships, and creating greater connections with community stakeholders to support innovation at LACOE, share knowledge, and advocate for impact.

Who oversees Greater LA?

Greater LA is governed by a non-profit 501(c)(3) board of directors. More information on board leadership can be found here.

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