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Advancing deeper collaboration between schools and communities to disrupt inequity and meet the needs of today’s diverse learners across Los Angeles County.​

The Greater LA Education Foundation (Greater LA) is the premier philanthropic partner of the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) and the school districts served throughout the county.  LACOE serves 2 million students and families working with 80 different districts and superintendents. Our story began with Friends of LACOE who has worked to provide resources for comprehensive educational services, including supportive learning environments and specialized instruction. Seeking to increase collective problem-solving and innovative solutions for today’s complex learning environment, Greater LA was formed in 2019.

Greater LA expands the impact of LACOE, the largest county office of education in the nation, by engaging a diverse range of partners to navigate countywide and local complexities. By fostering systems-level innovation, building cross-sector partnerships, and encouraging creative problem-solving, the Greater LA team tackles some of LA County’s greatest educational equity challenges. The foundation understands that no one entity– whether it be philanthropic, private or nonprofit– can alone address the distinct needs of LA County students, families, educators and leaders. 

In 2019, the Board of the Friends of LACOE, and numerous philanthropic partners, made a strategic investment and intentionally restructured this supporting organization to build the Greater LA Education Foundation. The Board hired Dr. John Garcia to lead the vision of the Board and Foundation and launch the Foundation in early 2020.


Greater LA believes that it must prioritize the following 4 core beliefs to have the greatest impact in supporting education systems in preparing LA County students for success in college, career and beyond!

Data is a valuable asset for making change. 

Collaboration creates trust and understanding.  

We can all contribute to innovation in children’s education.  

Everyone’s voice has value and the impact we can have together.

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